No7 Essentially Natural Foundation

Women in Boots No7 advertisement enjoying her lunchtime ‘perfect match’ testing.
Essentially natural foundation (image courtesy of
Essentially natural foundation (image courtesy of

I was intrigued by this high end brand of make up when I saw their advertisement of  a woman rushing out on her lunch break to get her perfect shade of foundation, priorities ladies! what’s a nutritious lunch when you have your perfect foundation match??

I had also seen the match machine doing it’s magic on many ladies at the No7 counter on my regular trips to Boots and was keen to see what it could do for me.

No7 are a hypo allergic and mostly fragrance free brand and because I am a ghastly shade of translucent (sometimes red) pale, I was interested as to how the ‘match machine’ would work through all this adversity my skin had to offer to find my ‘perfect match’.

When I did manage to pluck up the courage to approach the No.7 counter theSales representive was in fact on her lunch break ( I kid you not). After no more than ten minutes of waiting I was greeted by women at the counter who asked what I was looking for; I explained I was looking for a foundation for my dry and sensitive skin.

She recommended  No7 Essentially Natural foundation, her reasoning was that natural ingredients would be less likely to irritate my skin. To find out the colour she had to use the match machine. Exciting!

She pressed the contraption onto my cheek and explained that it was taking ‘over 20’ micro-photos of my skin to determine my skin shade. I was impressed.

But then she delivered the confusing news that the machine had suggested I was in fact between  two colours, a conclusion I usually come to by myself  when choosing a foundation – and was hoping that this was the answer to my constant deliberation over foundation colour. That was not to be.

The two shades the sales assistant suggested  were ‘Calico’ and ‘Cool Vanilla’, the ‘Calico’ tester seemed to blend well with my skin tone but the ‘Cool Vanilla’ had a slight yellow undertone about it – which I usually find essential for my red-prone skin (the yellow cancels out the red).

After much pained deliberation on my part – (think I even wondered aimlessly around the store a bit) I went for the ‘Calico’ shade. describes this foundation as a  ‘foundation that leaves skin feeling fresh, comfortable and hydrated’ . I think the ‘essentially natural’ part of the foundation comes from the ingredients ‘mineral complex of ruby, amethyst and sapphire’.

The next day I was eager to try out my new foundation – I decided for it to make it’s debut on a day that I had back to back lectures so I would give it a good run.

First application my skin didn’t burn straight away – ‘hurrah!’, it spread quite evenly across my skin and didn’t really accentuate any of my ‘dry bits’. It covered my redness fairly, but not necessarily well. This could have been down to the colour rather than the coverage. Unfortunately it came out with  a pinkish undertone which I was sure didn’t help any redness that was apparent – it also looked kind of greyish in some lights  ( corpse chic anyone?)

The foundation had a very ‘clay’ like smell to it but apart from that it seemed to keep my skin moisturised as it had promised (thumbs up).

But here’s where the real problem lied – the next day I woke up and my skin was  very very dry (dryer than usual) – I am certain it was down to this foundation as it was the only product that was different in my routine.

I tried it again another day to make sure – and it happened again the next day.

I’m personally not going to use this foundation again, but it’s maybe a good foundation for a one off occasion but not daily use.


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