Clinique Supermoisture makeup foundation

Clinique Supermoisture foundation
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Clinique Supermoisture foundation was the first foundation that I found since Almay stopped selling their products within Europe. I had carried on Ebaying my once favourite make up product Almay Line-smoothing foundation from sellers in America and ended up paying ridiculous shipping prices for an item which once cost me £9.00 in Boots.

Enough was enough.

On a trip to Boots, I found myself at the Clinique counter. I knew that from previous (uncomfortable) experiences that I am in fact allergic to most if not ALL the foundations available in the low end make up section in Boots. Most containing itch-inducing parabens and fragrances. So to head to the high end counters just made sense.

Clinique as a brand prides itself on making “skin care and makeup products that are all allergy tested and 100% fragrance free” so naturally with my sensitive skin I was drawn them right away.  The lady that I approached at the counter was wearing white lab coat, perhaps a marketing gimmick – to give the impression that they were scientific experts on skin care and not just your average make up sales representative. Whatever the reason for her attire – the sales representative was happy to assist me on finding the right the foundation for my skin type and colour.

The initial shade I was given by the sales representative was Ivory 04 but as soon as I got the product home – I knew this wasn’t my shade – it had a very pink and almost frosty undertone – I have eczema redness so a pink-based foundation is never a good choice for me. I went back and asked to swap to Linen 02, according to the sales representative it was a good balance between a pink undertone and a yellow undertone.

Once I had the right colour – it was time to test the foundation itself. The main things I look for with a foundation is – moisturisation, – this usually means  a dewy finish. Most dewy finish foundations are not full coverage however. This does present a problem when your trying to cover up red eczema patches but on the other hand it is less like to dry out your skin and sit in those infamous dry skin lines that eczema or dermatitis bring to your skin.

Clinique’s Supermoisture foundation is a dewy set – as expected. It is a light consistency and does not feel cakey on the skin. One of the few reservations that I had with this product  was that it appears to have  a shimmer to it. I was initially concerned that the shimmer would irritate my sensitive skin but after about 8 hours with it on my face, I couldn’t detect any irritation. I will note here that it does have a slightly ‘Edward Cullen’-esque effect to it in some lights, I personally don’t mind it – as it appears to be quite fashionable at the moment to use excessive amounts highlighter, plus it gives me a glow that people with dry skin tend to lack.

Overall I would say Clinique SuperMoisture foundation was  a good alternative to my beloved Almay line smoothing foundation, and I plan to buy it again once this one has been used.



02 Linen
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